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Início Vídeo Institucional – 2014

Vídeo Institucional – 2014

Vídeo Institucional - 2014 (Br)

Vídeo Institucional - 2014 (EUA)

The brazilian city of Maricá is on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The town stretches over 362.5 km² and is divided into four districts: Maricá (city), Ponta Negra, Inoã, and Itaipuaçu. It is just 60 km away from the city of Rio de Janeiro. Surrounded by rocky mountains – the highest one is 890 meters high – it has large preserved areas of Atlantic Forest and a huge aquatic environment made up by six lagoons, as well as ocean beaches, sandbanks and a vast area of Atlantic vegetation. With a 46-km coastline, the town boasts breathtaking landscapes in a wide range of ecosystems in a tropical weather zone. The development brought by the substitution of sugarcane for oil and gas prospecting in Campos and Santos Basin benefitted the east area of the state of Rio. Since then, Maricá has experienced a booming economy, specially when the pre-salt reserves were marked out and Maricá was entitled to get 49% of the royalties deriving from the main oil reserve – the Lula oil camp. The city is supported by audacious projects (like the construction of a seaport and the amplification of the municipal airport) has a long-term, 30-year master plan that outlines its socioeconomic development. Come to Maricá. There is no better place to invest.

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